This file is one of the evidence, example or data files that accompanies the "Nadine" Story, an account of commercial mailing lists gone amok.  See the main page for the details.

From: Home Office Networks Postmaster  <>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 22:17:01 GMT
Subject: Mail returned; No Such User: " "<>

The following message could not be delivered because:
No Such User:  " "<>. (Home Office Networks) is in the USA. Perhaps you wanted to
contact a user at one of these domains:

Belgium:  (Hainaut Occidental NETworking, Tournai)
Hong Kong:
To: " "<>
Subject: Welcome to DeliverE
From: DeliverE Sweepstakes <>
Date: 2 Mar 2000 18:13:04 -0000

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Should you have any questions or comments, please visit the DeliverE web 
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