The Story of "Nadine" -- A Tale of Mailing Lists

Twists:  The Plot Takes Some Other Turns

Nadine's Significant Other

From the very beginning of this saga, the only player mentioned has been "Nadine" herself.  However in January of 2003 traffic began trickling in addressing a male recipient, whom I am going to call "Travis".  The piece in January, from the pestilential Ebony Offers crowd, was the only such until 25-Jun-2003, when customers of Empire Towers apparently began a determined assault on "Nadine" and "Travis"'s tired old high-interest-rate mortgage and crushing consumer debt load.  Between that date and 19-Jul-2003, "Travis" has received 28 missives urging him to refinance his mortgage and/or obtain debt relief through a home equity loan.

Following internal links in some of these messages, and then connecting some dots, I conclude that enterprising spammers have taken the street address that Nadine originally gave when she signed up at matchlogic, obtained the property records appertaining thereto, noted that the property was owned jointly by Travis and Nadine, and come to the conclusion that this inevitably gives them the right to unfettered access to Travis through Nadine's supposed email address (which, awkwardly enough, delivers to me).

That would certainly justify this item offering Travis relief from the sorrows of nail fungus.  Somewhat more disappointing is this heavily flash-uncrusted piece, supposedly sent on behalf of Intel Corporation.  Perhaps I'm alone in being unable to perceive the possible connections between mortgages, wireless networking and nail fungus.

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