This file is one of the evidence, example or data files that accompanies the "Nadine" Story, an account of commercial mailing lists gone amok.  See the main page for the details.

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You've received this message because while visiting=20
a 24/7 Real Media, Inc. partner Web site, you opted=20
in to receive special online information and discounts.

Over 50?=20

The AARP Auto Insurance Program from The Hartford offers you
potential savings up to $280* on your auto insurance premium in the
first year alone!

Enjoy a package of benefits and discounts designed exclusively for
AARP Members. You'll get:=20

=B7 Lifetime Renewability**
=B7 Lifetime Repair Warranty ***
=B7 New Car Replacement Value Guarantee***
=B7 24-Hour Claim Service

It's no wonder that 97% of our policyholders stay with us year
after year!

Take our Online Express Quote Challenge.
See if we can't cut at least $280* from your annual premium and
you'll receive a Free beautiful quartz clock!X=20

Click here to start your express quote:

Or call 1-800-675-3457
Code: 351234

Need more Information?

Interested in Joining AARP?

*Savings amounts are based on information from AARP members who
became policyholders with this Program between 7/1/00 and 6/30/01
and provided data regarding their savings. Your savings may vary.
**You must be insured for at least 60 days, pay applicable premiums
when due, have a valid drivers license, remain capable of operating
an automobile, and have no convictions for driving while
*** Included with your Comprehensive and Collision coverage.=20
XThe clock offer is not available in [Nadine's Home State], but residents may
still request an online quote.

AARP receives from The Hartford payments for AARP's license of its
name and logo for use by The Hartford in connection with the AARP
Automobile and Homeowners Insurance Program. Amounts paid by The
Hartford for this license are used for the general purposes of the
Association and its members.

To UNSUBSCRIBE from our list, simply click here,
or reply back, using UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line.
To change your email address, please reply to this email=20
noting your old email address and the new email address.


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