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We'd like to thank you, once again, for indicating that you
wanted to join The Harris Poll Online. In order to join the
panel, you must complete the registration process by following
the link below.*******&aid=*******

OID: *******
AID: *******

When you join, you can influence the policies, products and
services created by governments, businesses and organizations
around the world.

To thank you for completing your registration, we will offer
you the chance to participate in our HIstakes drawing. We'll
be giving away one $4,000 (2,743) prize. (HIstakes is open
to U.S., Canadian, excluding Quebec, and U.K. residents only.)

Earn HIpoints!  Get Rewards!  As a member of the Harris
Poll Online, you will earn HIpoints when you take our surveys
that you can redeem for great rewards

Earning HIpoints is easy; the more surveys you complete, the
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variety of items. You can redeem your points as soon as
possible, or you can let them grow for even greater rewards.
Reaching reward redemption levels doesn't take a long time.
Once you decide to redeem your points, simply select your
reward and it will be sent to you-- free of charge. To
learn more about HarrisPollOnline Rewards, please go to:

<b><font color="#000099">AOL USERS:</b>
We encourage you to minimize the AOL window and use a
non-AOL browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer to
confirm your registration.  However, if you would prefer
to use the AOL browser please use the following link:

<a href="*******&aid=*******
HPOL Registration Confirmation</a></font><font color="#000000">

Let your friends' voices be heard, also.  Have them join
us at

We hope that you'll make your voice heard and join the
millions of other members at the Harris Poll Online.  If
you do not want to become a Harris Poll Online member, do
nothing, and your email address will not be added to our

To view the Official Sweepstakes Rules, please go to:

Thank you again for indicating your interest in joining
the Harris Poll Online.


This email was intended for nadine@HONET.COM

If you have any questions about Harris Poll Online or what
membership entails, please visit:

If you have any comments or questions, please contact
Susan Richards or John Milton at the Survey Help Desk at

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