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Dear Nadine,

We must speak with you. I don't usually take the time out to
write a personal note, Nadine, but your name was provided by
someone you had recently spoken to. We believe your vibrations
to be so strong that I've endorsed a free Tarot reading with
one of our elite psychics! It's urgent, however, that you
call immediately - I can only reserve this number for a
limited time. Call toll-free 1-800-609-5730, now!

Nadine, we sensed that your connection is likely to be
unusually strong, especially in the very near future. It is
vital that you call us right away to optimize the results of
your reading. There's not much time! Call toll-free
1-800-609-5730 as soon as you receive this letter!

With love and prayers,

Miss Cleo

P.S. Please do not share this number with anyone - it is
meant only for you, Nadine. However, you must call soon - we
can only reserve this number for a short time. Call toll-free
1-800-609-5730 right now!

Must be 18+. For entertainment purposes only.

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