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    <td bgcolor=#99ffcc valign=middle><font face=Arial size=5>
      <p align=center>You Can Learn A Lot From A Nerd!</p>
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      <div> </div>
      <div><a href="" target="new"><img align=left border=0 
      height=200 hspace=10 src="" 
      width=200 nosend="1"></a><b><font color=#000080 face=Arial size=4>Nerd 
      School – because how far you go depends on what you know.</font> </b></div>
      color=#000080 face=Arial size=3>Nerd School at Nerds4Rent has nearly 500 online courses to choose from. 
    <a href="" target="new"><b><font 
      face=Arial size=3>Nerd School</font></b></a><b><font color=#000080 
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                <font color=#000080 face=Arial size=4>You owe it to yourself to visit the</font></b><br>
      href="" target="new"><b><font face=Arial size=4>Nerd 
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      <b><font color=#000080 face=Arial size=4>
      <p>Nerd School is your complete training solution.  Get training from 
      the people who live this stuff!  Our comprehensive list of courses 
                <font face=Arial size=3>
        <li><font color=#000080>Microsoft Office 2000 (Word, Excel,  
        Access, Powerpoint)</font> 
        <li><font color=#008000 face=Arial size=3>MCSE Training: Exchange, 
        Internet Information Server, Windows NT, SQL Server, TCP/IP and 
        <li><font color=#000080>Web Development: Photoshop, Active Server Pages, 
        CGI, FrontPage, Java, HTML, CSS, XML, E-Commerce and more!</font> 
        <li><font color=#008000>Programming and Network Skills: Visual Basic, C, 
        Perl, plus CISCO, Novell,</font><font color=#000080> </font><font 
        color=#008000>Networking and much more!</font> 
        <li><font color=#000080>Home Business: Estate Planning, Interview 
        Skills, Quickbooks, Retirement Planning, SAT Preparation and 
        <li><font color=#008000>Personal Development: Project Management, 
        Communication Skills, Negotiation Skills and much more!</font> 
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      <p><font color=#000080 face=Arial><img height=1 
      width=1 nosend="1"></font></p>
    <td bgcolor=#ffffff valign=middle width="98%"><b><font color=#000080 
      face=Arial size=4>
      <p>Check out the benefits Nerd School offers:</p>
        <li><font color=#000080 face=Arial size=3><b>Continuing Education 
        Units</b> available on more and more of our courses.</font> 
        <li><font color=#000080><b><font face=Arial size=3>Over 2000 hours of 
        training</font></b><font face=Arial> </font><font face=Arial size=3>for 
        individuals and corporations.</font></font> 
        <li><font color=#000080><b><font face=Arial size=3>24 Hour 
        Access</font></b><font face=Arial size=3> so you can</font><font 
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        <li><font color=#000080><b><font face=Arial size=3>A fun way to 
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        <li><font color=#000080><b><font face=Arial 
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        <li><font color=#000080><b><font face=Arial size=3>An immediate return 
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      <font color=#808080 face=Arial 
      size=3></font><b><font color=#000080 face=Arial size=4>
      <p>Nerd School is also your Corporate Training Solution.  You can 
      literally save thousands of dollars with Nerd School.  See these 
      incredible benefits:</p>
        <li><font color=#000080><img height=1 
        width=1 nosend="1"><font face=Arial size=3>Discounts available for large 
        <li><font color=#000080 face=Arial size=3>Robust Course reporting and 
        <li><font color=#000080 face=Arial size=3>Customization available for 
        corporate learning sites</font></li>
      <p><font color=#000080 face=Arial size=3>Call us today at 1-888-NERDS-4-U 
      (637-3748) or email us at <a 
      href="" target="new"></a> and 
      ask for your free, fully functional corporate demonstration 
        </font><font color=#000080 face=Arial><a href="" target="new"><img src="" width="100" height="120" align="left" border="0"></a><br>
        Try a free online course and <br>
        enter to win a Palm m105. <br>
        Just go to our "Try Our Free Demo" <br>
        section on our homepage to enter!</font><br>
        <br clear="all">
      <font color=#000080 face=Arial size=3>
      <p><font color=#000080 face=Arial>We're training over 5000 companies and 
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      <p><font face=Arial><a 
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      <p><font color=#000080 face=Arial>or call us TOLL FREE in the USA 
      <p><font color=#000080 face=Arial>1-888-NERDS-4-U (1-888-637-3748) and 
      mention code B2!</font></p>
      <p> </p>
    <td bgcolor=#000080 colspan=2 valign=middle width="100%"><font 
      color=#ffffff face=Arial size=1>This email is © 2001, Nerds 4 Rent, 
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